In 2001, a partnership was formed between Australia's mining industry and research community
to examine the issues surrounding predictive mineral exploration in Australia. In the preceding decade, despite record levels of exploration, the discovery of high level deposits declined.

The predictive mineral discovery Cooperative Research Centre (pmd *CRC ) began its work to find new methods of predicting where the mineral deposits lay. The research looked to create a fundamental shift in mineral exploration practice giving greater scope for larger finds at greatly reduced costs by developing a vastly improved understanding of mineralising processes and a four dimensional understanding of the evolution of the geology of mineralised terrains.

Since its inception, research has been carried out by the CRC through innovative and effective programs and projects over a two stage process. This website will act as a major portal for the dissemination of research findings. As well it offers the mining industry, the education sector and the wider community information and access to experts in the field, case studies of successful programs, business opportunities and employment directions for young emerging students and researchers.

The pmd *CRC formally ceased to exist on 30 June 2008


Logos of core participants
Monash University University of Western Australia University of Melbourne James Cook University Geoscience Australia Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences CSIRO Centre for Exploration Targeting AMIRA