Research Programs

At pmd *CRC research is structured into Programs which feed into the 5 Question approach to understanding mineral systems.

The 5 Questions of Mineral Systems

  1. What is the geodynamic and P-T history of the system?
  2. What is the architecture of the system?
  3. What are the fluids, their source and/or reservoirs?
  4. What are the fluid flow drivers and pathways?
  5. What are the metal transport and deposition processes?

Program 1 - Terrains and Commodities

Program 1 provides the framework for answering the 5 Questions in an integrated manner. Each of the Terrain Projects relate to specific geographical areas identified by the mineral exploration industry as high priorities and represent some of the most intensely mineralised areas in Australia.

Understanding mineral systems across scales through linking key mineralisation and geological processes is the primary focus of the Terrains Stream.

The current study areas for the Program 1 are the Yilgarn Craton, the Mt Isa Inlier, and the Tasmanides
in eastern Australia.

Program 2 - Architecture

The Architecture Program has many strong links with Program 1, and is aimed at answering Questions 1 and 2 in the mineral system analysis approach. Currently, there is one project being undertaken.

Program 3 - History

The History Program is primarily concerned with answering Question 1 of the mineral systems analysis approach. The projects being undertaken concentrate on defining the geological evolution, geochronology and mineralisation timelines for each terrain being studied in Program 1.

Program 4 - Fluids

The Fluids Program provides answers to Questions 2, 3 and 5 of the mineral systems analysis approach. The Fluids projects provide a cross scale synthesis of fluid flow and ore formation in mineralizing systems.

Program 5 - Modelling

The Modelling Program has a dual purpose. It has developed the tools and systems to enable the modeling of mineralizing systems at a variety of scales, and has also applied these new techniques
and knowledge to assist the industry decrease the risks associated with exploration by providing a quantitative analysis of Questions 2, 4 and 5 of mineral system analysis.


Logos of core participants
Monash University University of Western Australia University of Melbourne James Cook University Geoscience Australia Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences CSIRO Centre for Exploration Targeting AMIRA