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Project Y4: Concepts to targets: a scale integrated mineral systems study of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton

The principal outcome for the Y4 project will be a multi-scaled 4D understanding of the world-class orogenic gold mineral system of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton. A measure of our success will be the successful application of this understanding to the predictive targeting of undiscovered resources in near mine areas, as well as concepts and hypotheses that can be applied to targeting in data-poor areas.

To achieve this outcome the project aims to produce a series of well-constrained 3D maps at a variety of scales that integrate the structural–stratigraphic history and the alteration–fluid history with the evolution of the architecture. Using this scale integrated approach, the project will develop criteria to improve area selection, near mine exploration and ore shoot identification. It is envisaged that many of these criteria will apply in a generic sense to other terranes.

The project aims to develop a range of hypotheses from the geodynamic (whole of orogen to base of lithosphere) scale to the mine-site specific scale. These hypotheses will be tested with numerical models that will have local as well as generic applications.

The project will work closely with the sponsors to ensure that the research results and deliverables meet their needs and expectations, have an impact and deliver tangible value for predictive mineral discovery.

Y4 Final Report - Parts I & II PDF10.9Mb

Y4 Final Report - Parts III & IV PDF24.7Mb


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